Build A Bulletproof Mental Game With Performance Mindset Training

Performance Mindset Training on Long Island

Unlock Your Potential: Harness The Power of Your Subconscious Mind through Performance mindset coaching

Utilize the resource state of hypnosis to reprogram and reframe your subconscious mind to play, feel, and live like a champion with performance mindset training and hypnosis. Engaging your subconscious mind involves harnessing its abilities to influence your thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors, ultimately shaping your reality.

Jordan works with athletes and teams to find peak performance, mental toughness, confidence, returning from injury, and having fun during competition. Throughout our training you will learn about the athletes triangle, how important routine and habits are, thought stopping techniques, and much more. Learn about the 5 types of competitors and identify which one you are and when you are at your best.

Winning and success do not happen by accident, it is a process that involves creating a mind and body connection.

Become The Athlete You Envision

See it, be it, go get it. In order to become the athlete you desire to become on the field or court, it first starts in the mind. Mental conditioning is the key to unlocking confidence, focused attention, and a competitive advantage over the competition.

What’s your burn? What motivates and drives you? Why do you do what you do?

Explanation of what hypnosis is and why it is so beneficial for athletes. Learn the 5 mental tools to train your subconscious mind to help you reach your untapped potential.

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Become Your Own Mental Coach

Learn how to become your own mental coach. In competition, there are many things outside of your control and it is important to remain resilient and confident when the ball isn’t bouncing your way. Throughout this training you will acquire skills and a mindset to navigate through challenges you face in training and competition. By developing a great relationship with your inner coach, you will have all the tools needed to overcome mental obstacles guiding you towards peak performance and achieving your goals.

A performance mindset coach is a professional who helps individuals develop the mental skills and attitudes needed to optimize their performance in sports. We focus on cultivating traits like resilience, focus, and confidence to help clients achieve their goals and overcome challenges.

Visualization is a powerful tool in mental conditioning as it allows individuals to mentally rehearse and simulate successful outcomes. By vividly imagining themselves performing at a high level and achieving their goals, individuals can strengthen neural pathways associated with those actions, improving confidence and overall performance.

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